Sunday, November 16, 2008

Publicity for Kassy Paris

This article came from The Kilgore News Herald:

Look out broadway, you have met your match

Just a little off Broadway and buried in the Heart of East Texas, in a suburban community called Kilgore, you can find the strangest of things.

For instance, just last week approximately 300 gathered at St. Luke's United Methodist Church to be entertained by Reverends Ralph Rudy, Robert Besser and Darwood Galaway with their own version of Broadway hits.

Their attire included top hats, canes and suspenders and the show was presented for their annual Harvest Night. The trio received a standing ovation and it has been told that money was stuffed behind their suspenders during the performance… hmmm. (Perhaps it was the Rangerette kick added to the act that caused such a reaction.) And Nina Fern prepared food for the evening that was considered more of a feast than a meal.

"There's one thing for sure," said Mary Lamb. "Our pastor broke the mold of being the hillbilly of the community, now he is considered Broadway's Musical Man. He is definitely a coat of many colors and has enlivened the church tremendously," she said.

Not to be outdone, the First Pentecostal Church put on a two-day feast this week featuring all homemade goodies. (Rachel Ray you need their recipes.)

Enjoying their makings was Kilgoreite Kassy Paris. She informs us her second novel, "First I'm Nobody" will be released on December 19 and just in time for last minute gift buying. Kassy and former Kilgoreite Elaine Powell co-author the books and have anxiously waited the release date of their latest publication. The pair has been friends since high school and has kept in touch throughout the years. "We have had many discussions over books we were reading over the years," said Kassy. "And we joked about being able to write as well. The joke became serious especially with the ease of cutting and pasting when computer technology took place. Our writing actually began when we wrote the Christmas play for church while we were still in school," she added. More information about the book can be found at

Also seen enjoying chicken and dumplings was Charlie Whiteside. He reminds everyone to come to The Willows at 3 p.m. Sunday to enjoy a community wide singing provided by David Jones from the East Texas University of Marshall with James Holder at the piano. He promises it to be good and we all know what type of performance we will hear from the pianist.

Dr. Kenneth Morrison from Lansing, Michigan and his sister Barbara Howard from Cape Cod, Massachusetts came all the way to Kilgore to reminisce and to see their grandparents home. Unfortunately, the Ana-lab office is now located on the old home site. They are the grandchildren of George and Lola Morrison. "They didn't seem too disappointed," said Charlie Whiteside. "They joined my wife, Jo Ann, and me for lunch and we had a wonderful visit. They remembered playing along the little creek bed that runs behind the office and seemed to enjoy their time spent in Kilgore.

A barrel of information, Charlie also tells us during his trip to the Baptist General Convention lately he saw former Kilgoreites Mark and Ruth Galloway, John Pierce, Frances Gentry and John LaNoue. "We were glad to see them and I'm sure other old timers in the area will be glad to know they were seen.

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