Sunday, June 22, 2008

Never the Two Shall Meet? - I Don't Think So!

I'm so excited to report that my friend and Christian Romance Author, Delia Latham, traveled halfway across the United States just to see me!!!

Well...maybe not just to see me, but I was definately on her list of must sees.

Check out the photos!We met up at Bodacious Bar-B-Q in Gilmer, Texas to have lunch and chit chat. Her husband is SO SWEET! We gave each other autographed copies of books.

Even though I'm a writer, it's hard to express in words how much this visit meant to me. I'm good at writing about the world of make believe, but this is real. Until Friday, Delia was a picture on the web, words on a blog, expression in email, and a world away. It takes 3 days to drive from California to Texas and vice versa.

Now I will no longer refer to her as my internet friend. Now I can just call her MY FRIEND. No two sweeter words.

Delia, I can't wait til you move here and bring your beautiful family! Drive home safe!


Saturday, June 7, 2008

The BIG Goldeneyes Contest Series

You are INVITED...please come!

When: June through December 2008

Where: Delia's Website

What: It's a HUGE contest in promotion of my new novel, Goldeneyes! God has blessed me with a number of incredible sponsors, enabling me to offer some truly fantastic prize packages. One BIG prize package will be awarded every month from June through December. Some of these packages are valued at well over $100!!! Come on over and get your entry in!

How: Instructions for entry are available on my website. Just visit the contest page and get all the details.

I'll be watching for you!

Monday, June 2, 2008

Memo Pause

Here is a great product for all you writers out there. It's called Memo-Pause. Visit the website for more details. Aren't they fabulous!?!
www.memo-pause. com
Author Carla Cassidy: "I would love to win a Memo-Pause. I am definitely memo-pausal. I would wear it daily to write down important notes. I've gotten so tired of wearing post-it notes on my clothes. They don't do well in the wind or rain. I chased one down the other day for two blocks. As a writer I would find the Memo-Pause invaluable for thosemoments when inspiration strikes and I can't get to my office. Actually, it would be kind of like wearing a little office around my neck. It could also draw attention away from the turkey waddle that has appeared with age. (What's up with that, anyway?)"
Author Delyn Fisher: "As an elementary school teacher, my students are a source of endless inspiration. I would use my Memo-Pause to jot down story ideas. It would also help to keep track of those million things I do on a daily basis."
* I was featured in her newsletter, though I didn't win the contest! *
Anyway, I just thought I would share this idea with you. Let me know how you like it.