Monday, March 31, 2008


Hop on over to Tracy Ruckman's blog, Pix-N-Pens to take part in a fun, creative contest! You'll have a chance to win either a copy of my new release, Goldeneyes, or a Goldeneyes T-shirt - and your creative entry will be posted on Tracy's blog. Here's your chance to share a testimony.

See ya there!

Delia Latham

Saturday, March 22, 2008

He is Risen...Indeed!

Luke 24:34—…the Lord is risen indeed!

My grandchildren had a grand time hunting Easter eggs in the back yard this morning. They got together a day early—the four cousins—so they could celebrate with the “other side” of their families tomorrow, on Easter Sunday.

It was, as always, a joy to watch them. They pushed aside bushes, peeked under outside furniture, peered into every hole in the ground, and even climbed up on top of every available object so they could see hiding places that were otherwise out of their line of sight.

As much as I enjoyed their wide eyes and excited chatter, it’s so much more important to me that they know what Easter is really about.

It’s nice that the kids can enjoy their little Easter bunny stories and colored eggs. Getting family together is always a good thing. But I fear that we, as adults, don’t do our part in properly teaching the little ones the importance and significance of this celebration of Jesus’ resurrection—and thereby, our salvation.

The story of the crucifixion is amazing…touching…heart-rending. It’s a vivid picture of ultimate love. That sacrificial bloodshed marked the beginning of hope for mankind.

But we must never forget that it was only the beginning!

Had Christ remained in that tomb, all that went before would have been without purpose. Had He not rolled that stone away and come forth as promised, all of the blood…the pain…the suffering… would have been forgotten as just another day in history.

But He did come forth! “He is risen indeed!” That means He rose… without a doubt. He conquered death…undeniably. He tossed away the shroud, rolled back the stone and walked away…in actual fact.He is risen…and we are saved!

Let’s tell our children that story. Let’s make sure they know that Jesus loves them enough not only to die, but to rise again.

Happy Easter, my friends! Rejoice and be glad in knowing that our Lord is risen…indeed.

Thursday, March 20, 2008

Don't Make Me Come Down There!

I just received word that a devotional I posted on FaithWriters was picked up by an Arizona e-zine called EV Living (the EV stands for East Valley). No pay, but hopefully some good exposure, especially since they mentioned the March 30 release of Goldeneyes. (OK, so it doesn't take much to make me happy!) :D

Fair warning: Some of the punctuation somehow got dropped during their copy and paste. Just want you all to know it wasn't me who made those awful errors. (Isn't it sad to be so touchy about such things?)

Here's the link.

Delia Latham

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

In search of inspiration

In my never-ending search for inspiration, I have turned to several Yahoo groups. For those of you who are familiar with my writing, I absolutely love Native American culture. Researching native cultures, whether through the Internet or books, is such a joy for me. Since beginning my second novel, I felt compelled to take my research a step further by getting in contact with the very people I love to include in my manuscripts. Hence, I turned to Yahoo and found myself joining not one, but three groups moderated by the same person. Fondly referred to as "talking circles", these groups have provided a constant source of inspiration. Not only do I gain fodder for my writing, but I have made some wonderful friends and gained new insight into the First Nations people as well. My heart has harbored an intense passion for these awesome people, their culture, and history for as long as I can remember. I know this passion was put there by God and I see Him directing my life to new and exciting adventures. Do you have a passion for something? Do you find yourself habitually writing the same basic theme into your books? Do what I did: Sign onto Yahoo and do a search. You might be pleasantly surprised by whom you might meet.
~*~ Linda Strawn ~*~