Sunday, November 16, 2008

New Release for Kassy Paris!

First I'm Nobody

He came into Skylar’s life, a stranger with no memory of his past. A troublesome past invades his present. Unfolding evidence indicates Duke Green is a criminal on the run. Does Skylar McCrea trust her instinct or abide by the apparent facts? His past is a mystery, but in the present he is an honorable man. If he were a thief, surely, he would show some characteristics of a man with a criminal mind.

Skylar is a good judge of character and of horseflesh. She knows Skylark’s Son will be another champion for the Lazy M Ranch, and she strongly suspects that Duke Green might be a champion himself.

Their search for Duke’s past takes them across the country. What will be at the end – a life of freedom with Skylar or separation while Duke pays for his crime? What does God have in mind for the two?

Rose PRINT ISBN 1-60154-262-3(308 pages) Sweet Read An Excerpt
Soon to be available in print

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