Friday, February 29, 2008

Motivating the Younguns'

Hello again from the Deep South!

Here in Louisiana our children are gearing up for the state standardized tests. As a third grade teacher I have been intensely prepping my students for the dreaded i-Leap for nearly two months. This week, for the first time, I am finally seeing some results. (Thank goodness, since the dreadful test is in two weeks). Personally, I'm not a fan of such tests, but since no one ask me my opinion I'm obligated to administer the monster to my innocent third graders. Wish us luck! (We're going to need it. LOL).

As a reprieve from continuous test practice, we were honored with a guest speaker at our school today. Robert Little is a motivational speaker that visits schools and events across the nation to motivate and encourage young children. He is also a children's book author. So, today, my students and my six-year old son ( he also went to his school) were able to attend their first book signing! They were thrilled and so was I. Our school library also purchased copies of his four children's books so the children would be able to check them out at leisure.

Since, I'm a romance writer, teacher and single mother, I dutifully sent money with my child so he could purchase his own copy of one of Robert's books. I thought I'd share his choice with you. We are now the proud owners of a signed copy of Robert Little's Grandma's Biscuits.
Grandma's Biscuits by Robert Little
The art and text together in this beginning reader book, Grandma's Biscuits, convey the fondness of a young boy for his grandma's biscuits. More importantly, it shows the love and bond between a grandmother and grandson.
Since my son has a special bond with his own grandparents, I thought he made a wonderful choice!
Tamelia Tumlin

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