Saturday, February 9, 2008

How Many Five Year Olds Could You Take in a Fight?

Update: Apparently, these cool trivia games are sponsored by a dating service, and the pre-made HTML they gave me only leads to their dating site. Soooo...copy and paste this address into your browser instead:

Then scroll down to the bottom, where you can find the CORRECT links to all the fun quizzes that I posted on this site.


On the radio this morning, the DJs took a quiz to find out how many five year olds they could take in a fight. Now I know this sounds morbid at first, but just think about this as just figurative and for fun. I teach Kindergarten, so I know first-hand that five year olds are nothing to be taken lightly. I go into my classroom everyday knowing that I am outnumbered. I maintain control, but if those kids decided to overthrow me, they could do it easily. After taking the quiz myself and discovering that just 12 of them could do it, I'm scared than ever! : ) Here's my results. Take the quiz, if you dare...


Tamelia, I'm particularly interested in your result. Let me know.



Tamelia Tumlin Romance Author said...

I couldn't get my results. All I got was a dating site. Hmm. Is that a hint. LOL.

DeLyn said...

Here's the website. I just noticed that the pre-made, cut-and-paste HTML links to a dating website (that I know nothing about). Here's the actual web address:

I'll fix those other links, too. They are doing the same thing. Sorry!