Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Blessings from the Top of the Tree

A few days ago, we had a pretty rough windstorm—pretty rough for around these parts, anyway. Not anything approaching tornado severity, but enough to knock down a few trees, tear off a bunch of roof tiles and stir up some pretty nasty allergies.

My husband, Johnny, has severe lung problems, so winds have become something to dread. They often bring on a week or so of tough times for him.

This morning, Aunt Vera dropped by our place, her arms piled high with three plastic grocery bags. All of them were stuffed full of pecans from her trees.

“They were all over my yard, after that wind the other night,” she announced. “I had to do something with them, and I know how Johnny loves pecan pies.”

All of the nuts within her reach on the trees had been harvested prior to the storm. These little gems came from the upper branches, the ones she couldn’t get to. “I guess they would have stayed up there until they rotted without that wind,” she said, with a wry little shake of her head. "I always hate to think of all that waste!"

After Aunt Vera left, I looked at those three bags of snacking nuts—three bags stuffed full of potential pies and other delectable desserts—and I saw them through new eyes. They were the fruits of the storm—blessings from the top of the tree. Good things beyond our reach.

God just has a way of shaking them loose and raining them down all around us!

In future, I hope I can remember to look at the storms of life differently, as well. During the blizzard, it’s hard to see anything but toppled trees and destruction to property. It’s difficult to look past the blowing garbage and allergic reactions.

While the wind’s blowing, it’s almost impossible to remember that after the storm, God always sends a rainbow. After the winds and the rain, we reap the sweet-smelling, clean air and sunshine.

After He tries us, He showers us with good things…the very things we couldn't have before.

After the storm, we get the blessings from the top of the tree!

Proverbs 10:6 - Blessings are upon the head of the just…

By Delia Latham


Anonymous said...

Delia, this is beautiful. Just what a I needed to read today. Thank you.


Delia Latham said...

Glad I could help! :)