Sunday, September 14, 2008

DeLyn Fisher Featured in the Institute of Children's Literature Newsletter

Featured at the Institute for Children's Literature!

I am so thrilled! Thanks to a heads up from some new blog readers, I discovered that one of my blog entries was featured in the Children's Writer's eNews from the Institute for Children's Literature (ICL), also known as Jan Field's Rx List for ICL. This is really special to me because I didn't request to be featured in the newsletter. My blog was "discovered" and rewarded for its merit. It's nice to know that people are really reading my blog and that I truly do have something to offer others. This also explains the recent surge in membership to my Yahoo! Group. Thanks everybody!!! Below, I have copied and pasted the part of the newsletter that has my feature.

Children's Writers eNews
September 11, 2008
"The Write Words to Read"
The Institute of Children's Literature
"If you're not scared, you're not writing.... A state of anxiety is the writer's natural habitat."
--Ralph Keyes, The Courage to Write (Henry Holt and Company, 1995)

1. News For You: Chat is Back!
2. New: "Attention to Detail" with Bev. Cooke
3. Vintage Goodie
4. Next Guest Speaker Event
5. Come Hang Out in Chat
6. A Blog Worth Reading
7. An Agent List
8. Article
9. Critique News
10.Good News

Lucky #7 is mine and here's the rest:

7. Agent List

This lady has created a list of children's writing agents who are accepting queries.

This one is for everyone who has asked how you find a list of agents for children's writers.

All I can say is, "WOW!" Thanks and glad I could be of service.


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nayshamus said...

Many thanks to you for your time and willingness to research and publish such a valuable list. Your generous efforts will help all of those in the community of writers for children. Your project is a big step at reviving a collegiality that is needed in the arts today.