Sunday, January 13, 2008

Howdy from the other end of California...

Hey everybody, thanks for stopping by. My name is Linda Strawn and I'm from a little hick town (yep, there is such a thing in California), in the foothills of Mt. Lassen and not far from Lake Shasta, Burney Falls, and other pretty places. I was born and raised in the wine country about an hour north of San Francisco. Other than a three year adventure courtesy of Uncle Sam and the US Army, I've lived in California my entire life. I've been married 24 years, have a nine year old daughter, and am facing a milestone age in a few weeks. I was a late bloomer becoming a parent as well as an author, but when profound events like these finally happen, age just doesn't matter!
I write Christian romance. My first book, Singing Winds, was released in July of 2007. It's a historical adventure romance set in the Sierra Nevada Mountains in the late 1800's. The message of God's love and the wonderful culture of the Maidu Indians of Northern California are the essence of this story. When I began penning this story many years ago, I didn't know I was a writer. It didn't hit me that my writing "hobby" is actually a God-given gift until about two years ago. I completed Singing Winds without as much as a creative writing course, workshop, or conference. I guess you can say that I wrote by the S.O.T.P. (I like this acronym) or, at the very least, what God put in my heart excluding proper use of POV, back story, etc. I give God all the glory that Singing Winds has been a hit with readers in spite of this!
I am currently working on book #2 and walking a much different path than I did with the first book. I've joined a critique group and many online groups to get guidance. I've learned so much in a short time and it seems like doors are swinging wide open for me. My new novel is a contemporary romance and the main part of the story takes place on an Indian reservation. God has led me to people who have become very important to me in recent months and it will be through some of these people that I will get the guidance needed to produce a respectful novel.
This brings me to a few of the resolutions I have made for myself for this new year:
#1 - Develop a sane schedule so my time is properly divided between God, family, and writing.
#2 - Develop the relationships I've made with people that came into my life due to my writing.
#3 - Learn more about Native American culture from the Native People God has led me to "sit around the fire" with in order that my writing will truly make a difference and open the eyes of the multitudes the way my eyes have been opened.


Delia Latham said...

Hi, Linda! Hey, at least your research is fascinating ... and warm, too, sittin' round those fires. :)

DeLyn Fisher said...

Keep followin' your heart! DeLyn

Lily said...
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Lily said...

Is the blog still active?

My e-mail is: dnlily(at)